our services

• audiovisual production

        dubbing and ADR

With the help of our partners at Dream Surround, a state-of-the-art ADR voice recording and mixing studio, we can provide you lip-synch voice over recordings for any film, television or new media project that demands it.

We're blessed with skilled and experienced dubbing teams for languages such as German, Japanese, French, Italian, Portuguese and, yes, Spanish. If necessary, we can also provide you a sample of available voice over talent.

audio recording studio

An additional resource to the services we can offer to our clients is our partnership with Dream Surround, a full-featured digital recording studio, equipped with state-of-the-art 5.1 ProTools system. We have a team of experienced and skilled sound engineers, who specialize in alternate-language production, eager to help your projects achieve excellence.

language supervision

Most feature films are being transferred to BlueRay and DVD, with multiple language tracks. Likewise, television projects, radio programs and even theater productions are being adapted for their presentation in a different country, or for foreign audiences.

We can make this adaptation a seamless one, by using our skill and experience to advise you on the best course of action. We can help you choose a foreign-language cast, create the advertising material for the target audience, perform quality control, or even provide language or accent coaching to your actors.

These are only a few examples of the work we have done for our current clients. We’ll be happy to meet with you to explore whether our services can be a useful contribution of your project.

• interpreting

conference interpreting

Simultaneous conference interpreting –our core service– is, perhaps, the most demanding specialty in this field. Generally, it is conducted in the simultaneous mode, and the subject matter can range from scientific conventions to product promotion, so a good interpreter must have a broad frame of reference to draw from, in order to perform at his or her best.

Through the years, we’ve been fortunate enough to assemble a team of skilled interpreters, with experience in international conferences and events, at every level. Many have studied in renowned interpreting schools in Europe and the US, and most of them belong to one or more worldwide professional organizations.

We’ve worked on worldwide events with more than 20 thousand people in attendance, as well as for intimate round-table discussions for a handful of participants. Our team has the training and experience to adapt their style to the needs of each client or project, and we pride ourselves in being flexible enough to accommodate most every budget and situation.

On occasion, our clients have requested that we hold special workshops to improve the knowledge of our interpreting teams on a specific subject, product or technology. Because we’re committed to excellence, we will gladly undertake whichever step you consider necessary to ensure that your conference is a success.

“simul-cast” interpreting for TV or online broadcasts

(live and taped programming)

We’ve gathered a great amount of experience in simultaneous interpreting for the audiovisual media. We’re proud to be able to share that experience with our clients.

We currently provide live and pre-recorded multi-language simultaneous interpreting for network television programs, and also corporate, promotional and training audiovisual messages. Through our experience, we've optimized the setup of our sound recording studio for this type of recording, which requires special audio and video technology, with multiple audio tracks and time-code tracking for image and sound synchronization.

“Netcasts” on the world wide web are a new form of corporate and mass media communication; we’ve contributed quite successfully with our expertise to several such projects. Our team of interpreters and technicians has gathered great experience in this relatively new field.

• translation

advertising - true cultural transfer

One of the most rewarding fields in our profession is the translation of advertising messages, both because the final result will reach a large audience, and because we feel we can contribute to our clients’ success.

Unfortunately, while observing advertising (either in printed or audiovisual form) aimed at a multicultural, multilingual society such as the US, we often come across poorly translated messages or, even worse, creative and effective messages whose meaning and soul were not faithfully reproduced in the target language, compromising the intended results.

Translations for this type of message are often an afterthought, left in the hands of translators who might not have the training or experience to understand the impact and importance of their task. It’s also possible that the clients themselves don’t know how important –or complex– such work actually is.

In our opinion, this type of communication shouldn’t be given to translators who commonly perform legal, corporate or technical work. It should be given to language professionals educated in the fields of advertising or public relations. Our in-house staff has both the academic education in mass media and advertising, and experience handling a variety of similar projects in the past.

We call this type of work True Cultural Transfer; we have access to a select team of translators, with experience working for mass media; they keep abreast of current events and trends in popular culture. Moreover, before delivering a translation to our clients, we send it to professional test readers and other colleagues to review them, thereby ensuring that said message is accurate and appropriate.


We offer support to clients who travel to different countries where they meet foreign audiences, holding presentations for sales, training or promotion of their products and services.

Any visual material –slides or animations– which includes text can be skillfully and accurately translated into the target language, to provide the audience with the content they need.

Besides our translation services, we can also deliver files in any currently available format or presentation software.

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