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A quipu, made of cotton or wool rope, consists of a horizontal string, from which hang several vertical strings; the number of these strings, the knots made with them –which vary in number and frequency along their length– and even their color, indicate the information to be recorded. These were delivered quickly and efficiently by foot messengers, who walked or ran through a network of foot paths spanning the length of the Inca empire.

We’ve chosen the knot as our symbol (quipu means knot in Quechua,) for two reasons: as a connection to our Latin American roots, and to illustrate the increasingly important need in today’s business world to communicate accurately and efficiently.

Our challenge, then, is to offer our best effort in the often difficult task of communicating a message across regions, cultures and languages.

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The knot that appears in our logo is inspired in an ancient form of communication. The quipu, or khipu, used by the Inca civilization, which reigned over South America from 1400 to 1500 AD, was the means to record wealth, property values, taxes and a variety of other information. Some researchers believe they were also used to record poems and songs.